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29th Jun 2021

Digging for Kryptonite Special: How the Arrowverse Failed the Clark Kent of Smallville

Host Anthony Desiato offers a special presentation of his Superman podcast series DIGGING FOR KRYPTONITE, currently available on all major podcast platforms. In this episode, Anthony and fellow AR alum Mike Sangregorio debate whether television's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Arrowverse crossover gave Tom Welling's Clark Kent (SMALLVILLE) a fitting end or betrayed the character's original journey.

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My Comic Shop History
A Podcast from the Director of My Comic Shop Country
For nearly a decade, host Anthony Desiato explored the culture, business, and fandom of the comics retail industry on this podcast series. In 2015, New York’s Alternate Realities closed after 23 years in operation, a community united to say farewell, and a podcast was born. The series continued with deep dives into collecting, national comics retail, conventions, Westchester County’s lost shops, and more. The show signed off for good in 2023 with a quarterly farewell event entitled “For All Seasons” — but the AR community lasts forever.
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Anthony Desiato

Anthony Desiato, owner and founder of Flat Squirrel Productions, is a lifelong Superman fan, documentary filmmaker (MY COMIC SHOP COUNTRY), and podcaster. He hosts a network of podcasts including: DIGGING FOR KRYPTONITE, ANOTHER EXCITING EPISODE IN THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, SUMMONING THE ZORDS, and MY COMIC SHOP HISTORY.